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“We are one of the largest and most reputable automotive group in Indonesia dealing with well known automotive and heavy equipment brands. In line with our expansion plan and our current strong growth, we are looking for highly qualified people to join our dynamic team within the subsidiaries in various business fields including car and equipment distribution, after market parts business, as well as financial services and car rental.”

 General Manager (GM)
     1. Finance Accounting & TAX (A1)
     2. Operation (A2)
 Assistant/Manager (AM/MGR)
     1. Finance Accounting & TAX (B1)
     2. Market Analyst & Research (B2)
     3. Internal Audit (B3)
     4. HRD-GA (B4)
     5. Legal (B5)
 Supervisor (SPV)
     1. Finance Accounting & Tax (C1)
     2. Software Developer (C2)
     3. Database Administrator (C3)
     4. HRD-GA (C4)
     5. Legal (C5)
     6. Secretary (C6)
 Coordinator (COORD)
     1. Business Process (SYSDUR)(D1)
 Management Trainee
     1. Operation (E1)
     2. Sales & Marketing (E2)
     3. Service & Maintenance (E3)
     4. INDOPARTS (E4)
     1. Finance Accounting & TAX (F1)
     2. Internal Auidt (F2)
     3. MIS/IT (F3)
     4. HRD-GA (F4)
     5. Legal (F5)
     6. Secretary (F6)
     7. Administration (F7)
     8. Customer Service (F8)
     9. Receptionist (F9)
 Automotive Dealership
 Financial Services & Car Rental
 Heavy Equipment

1. General Manager : Min. Bachelor Degree, experienced in managerial level min. 5 years, max. 45 years old.
2. Assistant Manager / Manager : Min. Bachelor Degree, experienced in managerial level min. 3 years, max. 40 years old.
3. Supervisor / Coordinator : Min. Diploma Degree, experienced in supervisory level min. 2 years, max. 35 years old.
4. Staff : Min. Senior High School or equivalent, fresh graduate or experinced in the same field, max. 30 years old.
5. Management Trainee : Min. Bachelor Degree, GPA : 2.75, max. 27 years old, graduate from reputable university.
6. Ready to be relocated throughout Indonesia.
7. Please send your application, no later than February 11th, 2012.

Please send your comprehensive resume in detail and put the position code on the envelope or as subject of your email :

PO BOX 4105 JKTJ - 13300
*(max 300kb)

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